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Nearly 1.2 Lakh Assam Students Avail Fee Waiver Scheme for College Admissions

Assam Students
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“Learn how Assam’s fee waiver scheme is enabling nearly 1.2 lakh students to access higher education without financial burden. Discover the expanded eligibility and government support that are making college admissions more accessible for economically disadvantaged families.”

In a remarkable move to support higher education among economically disadvantaged families, the Assam state government has implemented a fee waiver scheme that benefits college students from low-income backgrounds. Assam Education Minister RanojPegu recently highlighted that over 71% of the 1.66 lakh students enrolling in various colleges across the state have taken advantage of this scheme.

Expanding Eligibility for Greater Reach

Previously, the fee waiver scheme was available to students whose parental annual income was up to Rs 2 lakh. Recognizing the need to accommodate more students, the state government has raised this limit to Rs 4 lakh from this year. This significant change means that more families can now benefit from the scheme, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ pursuit of higher education.

To simplify the application process, the government now accepts ration cards as proof of family earnings instead of the previously required income certificates. This change has made it easier for families to demonstrate their eligibility and access the benefits of the scheme.

A Large-Scale Impact

Education Minister RanojPegu shared the impressive statistics in a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), stating, “This year, 1,18,199 (71 percent) students out of 1,66,123 students have availed free confirmation till recently evening.” The expense waiver plot covers the confirmation expenses set by colleges and colleges, with the State Charge Direction Committee deciding the upper restraint to guarantee affordability.

Pegu also addressed and dismissed reports suggesting that admission fees had doubled. He reaffirmed that the state government does not charge any fee from college students, emphasizing the commitment to the fee waiver scheme for BPL (Below Poverty Line) students.

Government’s Financial Commitment

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also shared Pegu’s post, underscoring the state’s financial commitment to this initiative. The Chief Minister revealed that the government has paid Rs 103 crore to various colleges for the enrollment of students over the past year. This substantial investment underscores the government’s dedication to supporting education and reducing the financial burden on families.

Empowering Assam’s Youth

The fee waiver scheme is part of a broader effort to make education accessible to all, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By covering admission fees, the Assam government is removing a significant barrier to higher education, thereby empowering more young people to pursue their academic goals.

The initiative is expected to have far-reaching benefits, not only for individual students and their families but also for the state’s overall educational and economic development. With more students gaining access to higher education, Assam can look forward to a more educated workforce, which will contribute to the state’s progress and prosperity.

The Assam government’s fee waiver scheme is a laudable step towards inclusive education. By expanding eligibility and simplifying the application process, the scheme ensures that a larger number of students can benefit from higher education without financial strain. As nearly 1.2 lakh students avail of this opportunity, the positive impact on Assam’s educational landscape is evident, promising a brighter future for its youth and the state as a whole.

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