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Trump's Green Card Plan Could Revolutionize US Education for Indian Students

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Discover how Donald Trump’s proposal for automatic Green Cards for foreign graduates from US colleges could revolutionize the education landscape for Indian students, increasing enrollment and enhancing the appeal of US education.

Former US President Donald Trump has been boasting about a new policy that will be a game-changer in the sphere of international education. Striking a remarkable note while being interviewed on the “All-In” podcast, Trump promised foreign graduates from US colleges automatic Green Cards. Should this policy take off in reality, it will, without doubt, send shockwaves across the global education scene and be a particularly massive occurrence for Indian students who want to study in the US.

Allure of US Education

The monopoly of the United States in academic excellence, rich cultural diversity, and wide course offerings make it a destination of choice for many international students. “The allure of US education would be greatly increased by the prospect of automatic Green Cards, post-study, in addition to the current perks. This policy could potentially shift student preferences back to the United States from other popular destinations,” said Aritra Ghoshal, Founder and Director, OneStep Global.

It is such a policy that can rejuvenate the American higher education market, given the prevailing concerns over student safety and changes in visa policies. If all the odds are taken care of effectively, increased international student enrollment could be extremely gainful for the US, with the box full of talented individuals who add to the economy and culture alike.

Demand for Student Housing in the US

This would directly stir the demand for student housing in the US. “There’s  a chance for an programmed Green Card, which may lead to a spike within the number of Indian understudies looking for US instructive openings,” says Saurabh Arora, Founder & CEO, University Living. “This could affect institutions of higher education and the broader ecosystem that supports student life, such as student housing, health care and career services.

Attention will eventually have to be paid to ensure accessible, safe, and affordable accommodation that is going to support the academic journey and general experience of these students in the US. This goes beyond the period of their studies into the workforce after graduation.

Trends in Enrollment and Uncertain Work Visa

The possibility of automatic Green Cards could play a big role in enrollment trends for Indian students. “The promise of automatic Green Cards to foreign graduates from US colleges may drastically alter the future of higher education, especially for Indian students,” says Manisha Zaveri, Joint Managing Director of Career Mosaic. “We expect a lot of applications from Indian students in 2024-25, probably because of some statements recently made by Donald Trump.”

This policy would, therefore, really address the recent uncertainties in work visas and further underpin that value of a US education. Zaveri adds, “At Career Mosaic, 85 percent of our applications are for admission to US institutions. This announcement is going to attract a good surge in inquiries from Indian student applicants, reflecting growing interest and optimism regarding smoother post-study employment pathways.”

For those students pursuing STEM-designated degrees and subsequently entering those careers, this proposed policy presents a hopeful future. The facilitation alone of getting a post-study work permit may encourage greater enrollment, as students are more confident in their investment in US education, knowing that possible complications related to work visas will be reduced.

A Possible Game-Changer

green card is automatically issued to US international graduates institutions, as proposed by Donald Trump, would be nothing less than a double whammy for both the Indian students and the U.S. higher education sector. The policy will fuel the U.S.’s ability to remain a leading destination for Indian students, which may have consequences in reaping benefits for institutions through more enrollment, increased diversity, and financial gains.

It is, therefore, a future policy shift that can alter the global education landscape. Allowing automatic Green Cards for foreign graduates in the US could be an attractive move in drawing a greater influx of overseas students, especially from India, to US-based education institutions, offering them a more vibrant and diverse academic environment. This would not only help the students but also increase the cultural and economic fiber of the United States.

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