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Scholarships at IIT Kanpur: Nurturing Talent and Fostering Excellence

IIT Kanpur offers various scholarships to support deserving students, covering tuition, research grants, living expenses, and promoting sports excellence.

IIT Kanpur, also known as the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is well known for its dedication to academic innovation and quality. Scholarships are an important part of the several programs that the university offers to support its student body. In addition to relieving financial strains, they also honor and reward excellence, guaranteeing that worthy students can continue their studies without interference. This article explores the wide variety of scholarships available at IIT Kanpur, emphasizing their importance and influence.

  1. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

The IIT Kanpur Merit-cum-Means (MCM) Scholarship is a ray of hope for students who exhibit both financial need and academic distinction. For the length of the program, this scholarship grants a pocket allowance of Rs 1,000 per month in addition to a full tuition remission. Students must maintain a minimum Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) of 6.5 to be eligible. The tuition waiver is still in effect even if the CPI drops below 6.5 but stays above 6.0. The pocket allowance is eliminated in this scenario. The scholarship is open to non-SC/ST students whose annual parental income is less than Rs 4,50,000. Applicants must provide their certificate of parental income. This program makes guarantees that gifted children’s education is not hampered by a lack of funds.

  1. INSPIRE Scholarship

The purpose of the INSPIRE Scholarship is to encourage research and innovation among BS students, particularly those who place in the top 10,000 for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics departments on the All India Rank (AIR) Common Merit List (CML). A research award of Rs 20,000 is given to recipients in addition to Rs 30,000 per semester (or Rs 60,000 annually). Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.0. It is entirely merit-based. Students also have to promise not to apply for any other scholarships. This fellowship is evidence of IIT Kanpur’s commitment to advancing excellence in scientific research.

  1. Donor Scholarships

Donor scholarships at IIT Kanpur are funded by a variety of donors who want to help deserving and deserving students. Students with a CPI of at least 6.0 and a Total Family Annual Income (TFAI) of less than Rs 6,00,000 are eligible. Scholarships are given out in the first round according to tight standards; however, if any are left unclaimed, the means requirements could be loosened to 1.5 times the TFAI average. These are flexible scholarships that can be offered to other students if funds are not used up. They are frequently designed for students in particular departments or years. Scholarships that are not used might be carried over to the following academic year, possibly increasing the total sum by double. This arrangement makes sure that monies are used to their fullest potential and reaches more students who are in need.

  1. Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship

The Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship, which is aimed at SC/ST students, provides financial aid to individuals whose parents earn less than Rs 4,50,000 annually. Recipients receive a pocket allowance and a free basic mess bill, which drastically lowers living costs for students from economically disadvantaged regions. This program demonstrates how committed IIT Kanpur is to providing all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, with equal opportunities and a welcoming environment.

  1. External Scholarships

By actively assisting students in applying for several external scholarships, IIT Kanpur broadens the scope of financial aid available to them. A component of the Prime Minister’s Digital India initiative, the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) offers extensive data on government scholarships offered all over India. For students looking for financial aid outside of what the institute offers, this portal is a priceless resource.

  1. Sports Scholarship

Acknowledging the role that sports play in overall development, IIT Kanpur provides Sports Scholarships. Every year, students who thrive in inter-IIT and other external sports meetings and show leadership in sports can win up to 20 scholarships, each worth Rs 1,000 per month for nine months. This award encourages students to reconcile academics and athletics by fostering physical fitness, leadership, and collaboration.


IIT Kanpur’s scholarship programs are carefully crafted to encourage and develop the wide range of skills within its student body. These scholarships represent the institute’s dedication to developing a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment by removing financial barriers, honoring accomplishments in the classroom and extracurricular activities, and encouraging research and innovation. By ensuring that every worthy student has the chance to succeed and make a significant contribution to society, they uphold the high standards of IIT Kanpur.

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